About Us

About Us

Contemporary International University (CIU) is a continuing education center that offers courses in different subjects and opportunities of receiving the accreditation of prior learning by recognizing people’s professional and personal experiences. This represents a huge opportunity for those who are already in the labor market and want to foster their academic profile. We work through a systematic validation of past and current evidence of those formal and informal professional experiences while tracking records of performance in their field of expertise.


Educate graduates with contemporary skills that are useful in the labor market which will make them more competitive to face industries challenges and issues. Furthermore, based on their competencies, our graduates will have a conceptual understanding of living dynamics in order to solve problems and live life in a more productive manner.


CIU has the purpose of transcending the learning experience from a classroom to life. By turning life into a continuing learning experience, our graduates achieve an effective social insertion in which the theoretical concepts become reasoning tools to understand issues, identify opportunities, and create alternative solutions to challenges.
According to our educational model, students are responsible for their learning process. They create their learning experiences by stimulating meta-cognition, self-knowledge, and critical thinking while leaving behind the memorization and repetition of theoretical contents. In the end, we turn the learning process into a life project.

How University got its start

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